Cadence Bric: possible to have 2 modals open and sticky?


On this website, I’m using the Cadence bric from @Whittfield. It works well.

I’ve added a second modal which open first (job position ad). It is set on page load, but this modal close as soon as the second one open.

How to set that both remain displayed ?


Still interested in a solution but for this one, but as it was urgent for the client, I joined all popup in one.

Would LOVE to understand how you got that working at all?
I have had zero luck with that Bric.

Rich the Weather Guy

It is working for me.
Better with Blocs modal than Modal Designer Bric.

Just create a modal, then adding a Cadence Bric and setting up as suggested by the doc.

I have problem wit other custom brics though. Never could make work properly Swiper 3. Some other needs a reset and reconfigure to work.

My opinion is that the framework for custom bric is sensitive and the Dev team does not have ressources to test all configurations.


From memory, I think two modals open at one time is not possible with Bootstrap. It only supports one at a time.

Edit… as suspected. Read 3rd bullet point here

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You can with Cadence. If you set the automatic open frequency correctly. However, they will open on top of each other. If not mistaken there’s a few bootstrap classes to set the modal location.

So is it a true modal then? Because the Bootstrap docs say it’s not supported.

Or is someone cooking Toast(s), another feature of Bootstrap :grin: because bootstrap is a multi slot toaster.

Yeah. I found out by error when two modals opened at the same time on top of each other. There’s a bug in Cadence when setting different modals to open on different number of page loads. The counting is incorrect.

If you bring the eggs :egg:to the party then I’ll bring the toast :bread::sandwich:

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Which version do you have? 1.1 is the latest.

I have 1.0. No updates for Cadence in extension manager, neither at Gumroad.

Thanks…once I solve some other issues I will loop back to this…

Rich the Weather Guy

Cadence has been updated to v1.2.

I afraid v1.1 never got distributed. You should see it in extension manager. And it’s available to download from your Gumroad Library.

I’m having no issues with Cadence, using Modal Designer or Blocs Modals. Make sure you have the latest version of both and your are running Bootstrap 5.

  • Cadence 1.2
  • Modal Designer 1.1