Cafe website

this is a website built with blocs and converted to wordpress by adding the aditional code.
I was curious if this is possible and got it to work

let me know what you think

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I like the site and your design! That’s pretty cool that you could export your layout to wordpress.

The only comment I have is you might want to consider using a different color for the second line of text on the brown areas. It’s a little hard to read .


I like it! The snap scroll works good on the desktop. You might think about removing it on mobile. Just needs to be able to scroll. The sections overlap on mobile.

The contact graphic is a little hard to read. I see you used an image. Maybe a little more resolution and letter spacing. I think you could create this just using a column with some classes work.

After looking at it more closely the whole site has a very bright look, even the photography is really nice. I feels inviting…my question to you is why is the first intro slide so dark (brown) looking? I feel it doesn’t fit the feel of rest of the site. To me it just doesn’t pop like the rest of the site. Not criticizing, just wondering if you tried something brighter with the logo?

Nice work!


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thanks for the feedback @casey1823 the background of the first page was actually the clients picture. I originally did the website with another picture.
Im still figuring out how to disable this on mobile. i used the snap scroll brick…
maybe you have an idea how to?

After making it editable in wordpress i guess the client changed it

I figured it had something to do with your clients decision. Not uncommon.

The snap scroll brick in Blocs has a checkbox in the right sidebar to disable on mobile.

Again, nice looking site.


thats the thing after coding it to work in wordpress i can not overwrite my export or it will remove the wordpress.

ive exported a version with the checkbox off but it seems nothing changes is the scrollify.js
i am looking for the trigger to change it by hand without suces