Can Blocs do these 2 styles?

Hi all,

I am looking at moving from Foundation to Blocs and a few things I really want to my website I have attached the design on this post.

The first one is a Grid - now these are rows of 3 and can be 3…6…or 9 on a page.
On hover the image grows in the box and I have a grey box at the bottom with the Text of the product etc on.

On tablet or mobile this moves from rows of 3 to rows of 2 and want to keep it at that.

On the other image - this is a description of a speaker (I have lots of pages like this - with items) and on the right I have a tabs window with a description under that tab.

Can these be done? if so - please let me know and ill have a look as these are the basis of my current website.

Thanks all.

@Norm there a way of doing Tabs like in the image do you know (image with the speaker?)


@Eldar might well be able to offer a creative solution here and you should take a look at the free training course he has at just to learn some basics.

The more advanced core training course is a very worthwhile investment that will save you a great deal of time and reveal some of the amazing flexibility in Blocs, particularly with custom classes.

This is one of those areas where Rapidweaver has loads of stacks at additional cost and a number of equivalent brics will start emerging before long, but Blocs can already do 90% of what is possible with Rapidweaver + Stacks + Foundation and a bunch of 3rd party stacks for a fraction of the price. In some cases it can already a lot more and far more efficiently.

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Thanks @Flashman

Wasn’t sure if there was a tab option built into Blocs already as this does seem a very popular way of people giving information to different elements of a product.

I will invest some time into the videos over the next few weeks.

No accordeon or tab at this stage, but as @Flashman mentioned, Eldar has done some explenations how to use the toogle visibilty here in the forum.
I used it for some buttons on the top of one of my pages.

Good Luck

I’d really like to see an accordion bric with some nice options. I have a stack for Rapidweaver called Ivy 2 that works beautifully with loads of options and this is a glaring omission at this point for Blocs.

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thanks guys

Me tooooo :star_struck:

Why not just enter code into html bloc until a brick id developed?
Fiddly - yes, slow in entering code - definitely, but I’m no coder (I’m a furniture maker) but I figured it out.

Search this forum for Accordion; You’ll find this…

I’ve made to share, with all paragraphs set to Backquote, but these are easily removed.

I would strongly recommend;

Adding this to a duplicate page or backup to test as you go.
Editing the H styles to suit, and
Copying a section, adding 1 to the number and keeping it to add sections at a later date.
(i.e.) I have a copy of 1 section, I change the numbers from 10 to 11, etc, then add new feedback to the top of the entire block.
I hope this helps,

I never could that bring to work.
The code was fine but I missed the possibility of styling.

Well, that´s of course my limits - so a bric would be appreciated, even as I would like to work with tabs as well and even more.

Totally agree.
I wouldn’t have spent hours on learning some coding if I could buy a brick for a tenner!
Swiper was close, but it couldn’t quiet match a masterslider plugin from Codecanyon for my index slider and feedback slider.

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