Can Blocs do this...?

I came across this website by accident, and could really use the style of it.

I don’t know if the dreaded parallax is involved, but it works quite smoothly across all breakpoints, on Safari at least.

Is this do-able in Blocs?

Able to do what exactly? All I see is a normal web page. If you are talking about the changing image that is just an animated gif.

Yeah, the gif’s easy.

What I like is the full-width images sliding over each other whilst they move at different speeds.

At least, they do on my Mac and iPhone…!

Curious, I don’t see that on Safari with my Mac, but it worked on Firefox. Yes you could do something like that in Blocs using the parallax effect.

Works beautifully on my iMac. Very strange!

Whenever I’ve tried parallax in the past using Blocs it hasn’t worked on mobile devices, where the images remained static.

Various forum members basically said ‘conventional wisdom’ was don’t even try. Maybe Bootstrap 4 can do what 3 couldn’t.

This is the first time I’ve seen it work smoothly.

I think it depends largely on the browser, but other factors like script blockers can also have an effect. At one time parallax didn’t work on any mobile because it was too processor intensive. The last time I read something on this it was being gradually enabled on different browsers.

To watch parallax FX in Safari on mac OS High Sierra is quite jerky. I could see the parallax FX inSafari. Works absolutely fine with Firefox.
Once I tried Safari on the latest macOS and it worked by far smoother. So I think it is either the browser or the OS.

But a very nice parallax FX it is indeed.