Can I click on a link to change other page content?

Still getting to know Blocs, am I’m wondering if Blocs has the option, like Dreamweaver, to set a ‘behavior’ so I can click on a link to change the content of another part of the same page?
I’m wanting to set up a gallery page with a list of image titles on one side, each linked to show the appropriate image on the other side of the same page when clicked.
Can it be done?
All help/advice appreciated!

I have been requesting a bric Light box gallery to do this for a few months. No luck yet but I think there are a few guys here working on making one.
What you are requesting might be possible…maybe Eldar the “Blocs Master” knows. Showing a group of thumbnail images like this:

The best usability…especially for shopping. The user is just one click away from each selection they choose rather than sliding through image after image and saying “nope! Nothing here I like…”
Forester reasearch of which I contribute to through my own research programs have shown the type of image light box you use is important.

Thanks for your reply. Yes, this is exactly what I’m looking for! This would be a great addition to Blocs. Hopefully we’ll hear more on this soon.

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