Can I do this with Blocsapp?

Hi… I Found a really cool site ( in my opinion ) in the web.
Can I do things like the mobile menu ? is it a animation ?
Or the icons, when the mouse is over the icons not only jump or something but also animated ?
And the curved lines between the blocs ? ( screenshot )

is that possible ?
Website I found:


Yeah there is a free custom Bric to do the waves. You can download it at the Blocs store.

Most is possible, the animated icons would need to be handled separately with some custom code.

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Hi @Norm
thanks for the Info. Is it possible that the waves are not animated ?
How I do the with the menu icon ? :blush:

Sure here is what they look like. You can change the colours etc.

Blocs cant create that menu out the box, it would require some custom styling and a touch of custom JS.

sorry for my bad english. Is it also possible that the waves has no movement ?

Hello @tom2 I made a snippet at my site about this request, hope that helps you… and others:

Best Regards

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