Can I Import a site built with Blocs?

I accidentally deleted my .blocs but had already exported and uploaded all the html files and folders. Is there anyway to import that same site instead of having to rebuild from scratch to edit it?

yuck…the exported files as you probably know are not .blocs file…and so no, they don’t open in blocs… :frowning:

I’d be curious of there’s a work around, but my sense is that’s highly doubtful…but I’ll cross my fingers someone else will have better news for you.

Any chance you have a backup, like Time-Machine on a Mac, on your computer anywhere? Always good to keep a backup running…

The short answer is no, but I’m wondering if you have a backup somewhere, either through Time Machine or some kind of Cloud backup?

These days I make 3 backup copies and plan to make that four. I currently use Time Machine, and SuperDuper to separate backup drisves, then Backblaze for an offsite copy. The idea is to add a paid iCloud plan, then store projects in the Documents folder. That way they should also appear up to date on any new Mac after logging in to my iCloud account.

Being pragmatic for a moment, I tend to find that rebuilding a site in Blocs when a website already exists is relatively fast. You already know the basic styling and text, plus the images are already there if they were needed as well.

There is actually a feature in Rapidweaver that allows you to upload a copy of the project file to the server inside a predesignated folder and these can be dated for versioning. It’s not something I ever really felt the need of, but perhaps Norm may consider something similar at some stage. It would certainly help users in cases like this.

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It’s actually one of the easiest security options to use. I always put a zip copy of the blocs project file (the blocs file and the assets folder) and include it with the web upload. That way, there is always an emergency copy somewhere within easy reach.


That’s a good idea and effectively what Rapidweaver can do automatically. I assume you add an index.html file to the folder for a bit of security to stop snoopers gaining easy access.

I use backblaze myself. Been really good. I also perform a Superduper backup everyday. Never use time machine.

Superduper works nice.


Great minds think alike. So do the rest of us sometimes :grin:

Time Machine can be useful as well, especially if you need to go back a long way.

I actually upload the zip above the domain level to the root of the hosting account - don’t get too many snoops there!!

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Good idea. If the snoop has got that far, I guess they can reach the rest anyway.


I don’t know if it works for you, but have a look at this:

It saves me about 2 times… same thing that you done.

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