Can it be done

iam stumped so decided to ask the community. looking at using 2x blocs with 50% width for tablet view as shown in image but finding it impossible to implement in blocs. tried various float left and right in class editor with no joy so just wondered if anybody has beed able to achieve this


Hello, you can use 2 two colum brics and set then there the background with each time a custom class. If you don’t put any content inside you have also to define a minimum width and heigh.

hi webplus

this works in desktop but not for tablet. if you try in tablet the row goes to 100% of the device width



ahh ok, then you have to do it in an other way.

Use the 1 column and then select 2 Columns on the right. Then add in each column a div and add a custom class to each div for the background.

When selecting the tablet or phone mode on top right you have in the right column of the blocsapp an option to say it the column should be side by side or each under the other.

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