Can Navi Bar be made Sticky depending on screen size?

I want my Navigation bar to be sticky most of the time. To accomplish that I tick the “Sticky” checkbox in the right sidebar under Appearance. The problem is that I do NOT want it to be sticky when I am in the SM view (which is usually when you have your iPhone turned to landscape mode). How can I do that while keeping it sticky in LG, MD and XS?

Also, somewhat related…

My Hamburger menu appears only in SM and XS, but I also want it to appear in MD too. How do I do that?

Thank you,

James W.

Hello James,

Enable the sticky on LG, MD and XS breakpoints. For SM breakpoint, disable the visibility of this bloc. Then, duplicate this bloc, and make the duplicated version visibly only on SM breakpoint. You can skip enabling the sticky on this bloc. So, as a result you will easily have exactly what you want.

Select the Toggle icon via the Layer Tree or by clicking on it in SM or XS modes, then set the breakpoint which you want the toggle to appear from. So, if you want it to appear also on MD, something like this will be what you need.


If you have any other questions, let me know.


Thank you, Eldar. Your first suggestion worked great!

Your second suggested works too, but it took me a while to figure out. In my left sidebar, I see this:

Bloc #bloc-0 .trans > Container > Row > Column > Nav Bar

And within Nav Bar, I see:

  • Span
  • Omg
  • Nav Toggle #nav-toggle
  • Nav Container

It seems that “Img” is the Hamburger menu icon in the Nav Bar because when I go to SM and click on the Hamburger icon on the page, I see “Img” selected in the left sidebar. I then changed the page mode to MD (with Img still selected), and in the right sidebar I saw Appearance > Toggle, and I clicked the MD icon there and Previewed, and found that I now get the hamburger icon in MD, SM and XS, which is what I wanted.

Thank you!

James W.

Yes, sorry for not mentioning that you need to select the Nav Toggle in the Layer Tree. I agree it’s not very obvious.

In any case, I am glad that worked for you.


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