Can we pull blog content to pages on a site?

Hi all,

My wife is a Disney fanatic! And she has always wanted to do a blog.

What she wants is the main page to have all blogs in it and then she wants 2 or 3 pages which are dedicated to the category which is pulled from main blog.

So example pages on the website could be:
The Kids

Is this something which can be created in Volt from @InStacks? Or is this more of a dynamic action which this can not do?

If not, no problem - we can work around it, or she might just do it in Blogger as she has used that in the past.


Can this be done from the recent post bric? Can I pull all of Disney posts to one page? would I do this for all of them to come on this page?

Perfect example for the recent posts bric, there you’re also able to display posts forms a main blog page based on a category filter.

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Brilliant!!! Thanks Jannis - I’ll work on this during December and I’ll post my results on here.


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For a client I’ve been using Blogger pulled into the Blocs constructed site - and it was awful (when it worked)!
So sort of sweet talking people into having the blog in their Content Management System - and there you have Volt CMS!
Another vote from me.
Only in it’s most basic form, and not yet using recent posts - or indeed anything other than the basic blog - this is how it looks (don’t blame me for design or colours, this is purely a copy of an existing site until it’s updated properly next year when the client has a bit more cash, hopefully).


Hey @TrevReav, Nice site, lovely use of the blog - thanks for posting.