Can you add Break Points

is there a way of adding break points?

I want to avoid this happening (the corners of the images should touch like screen grab 2), or any other advice to stop this would be appreciated. I’m going to try square images to see if this will rectify it.


Doesn’t give us much to go on. But it appears your text size is causing the issue. Again rather hard to tell from that.

The bottom image is what it looks like on the desktop view at full width. The top image shows what it’s like when I pull in the break point bar before the break point for tablet.

I can’t bring the point size of the text down as it will be too small on desktop.

You can set a class to change it for each breakpoint, I think. Start small screen and work up in size seems to be the way that works best for me.

Hi @TrevReav
yeah I’m fine with setting classes for each break point, I was just wondering if you could set additional break points.


To answer your question, you could use CSS media queries In the page header to do this.

But generally the breakpoints of Bootstrap are very good. There will be a simpler way in how you setup your blocs and brics that would avoid excessive customisation (multiple breakpoints) which will only create more potential problems for you in the long run.

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I’m guessing based on what I can see ion the image, but try giving the vertical scrolling text box a max-height. This will hopefully avoid the column getting too long and causing the layout breakage.