Can you do a test for me?

For ages now I’be been struggling with a bloc which holds animated images on a website I built.

The ten images would sometimes load correctly, sometimes not, before and after clearing caches, there seemed to be no logic to it.

I remade the bloc several times with different paddings etc to see if I could locate the issue, but it continued.

Now I THINK the problem has been with my using Ka-Block…

I’ve turned it off on both my Macs and the website appears to be working more reliably.

Can I ask you to do me a favour and go to and hit the “Click for more…” button on the home screen, and let me know if the ten images DON’T all bounce in?

And if they don’t, are you using a content blocker such as Ka-Block?

Thanks in advance!!!

UPDATE - it’s just started failing to load properly with Ka-Block disabled. Aaargh! Still interested if it works for you though!


When I clicked on the button, nothing loaded. When I refreshed the page and just scrolled and 10 images appeared.

For me they all bounced is first time.

Yep, I get that, thanks.

I get that too… and then I don’t, hmmm…

For good measure, I just tested using Opera, Chrome and Firefox as well as the original Safari, again for me they bounced in perfectly on clicking the ‘More’ key. This was on an iPad (landscape) and iMac.

For me everything ok - clicked “for more” and 10 images bounced in…
Macbook Pro, Sierra, Safari

All looked good on iPad, first time😀

Thanks all, I’m basically getting what Eldar does… so, I’ve done a video to show what I get when I go ‘clean’ to the website, and what happens when I reload…

  1. So from a bookmark, I load the page, and where the bouncing images should be there’s a big empty space.

  2. Then, I scroll down and the page footer goes past, then there’s a load of white space which is beyond the bottom of the page, and then the bouncing images shoot past and the page jumps to the correct size.

  3. Then I reload the page and it works correctly.

Any ideas?

Thanks again!

@norm - is this a bug? It’s been happening a while on two different Macs, and it seems Eldar gets the same.

It could be caused by the speed your server can delivery the images for your page.

Do you have lazy load enabled on this, it can cause issues with the animations if they are used on a lot of items.

Also try turning off the pre-loader

The best way for me to check is with the live URL


I already had lazy load turned off as it was causing other issues, I’ve just turned off pre-loader and cleared the caches, same issue. Hosting is by GoDaddy so I’d be surprised if their servers could cope with my little opening page?

Here’s the URL


It depends what level your hosting is, are you on a grid or a DV, we pay around £200 a month for ours which is DV with extra RAM. Im not super clued up on hosting but price is a big factor on quality from my own personal experience.

Leave it with me, it might be worth hosting and running it from our servers to see if it makes a difference.

Just did a few checks with Safari, Fire Fox and Chrome all hard reloading and it loads fine??

Anyone else get this issue with @Ian’s site on a hard reload?

No issue after hard reload on safari and chrome (maOS High Sierra)

Here’s the pattern…

If I go to the site from saved bookmark it almost never loads correctly:

If I then click on the top logo it loads correctly:

As you can see, both URLs are identical.

I can repeat that cycle over and over - bookmark, logo, bookmark, logo - and it behaves the same every time.

Do you get this in app browsers?

Do you mean Firefox and Chrome etc?

Assuming you do mean Firefox and Chrome, I’ve just installed them and the front page always load fine. So it looks like a Mac/Safari issue, ironically!

But… on both Firefox and Chrome, all pages load with a bounce, which doesn’t happen on Safari, which isn’t great.

The pre-loader should fix the bounce if you re-enable it.

Nearly, with pre-loader back on they just drop down now (before they shot up and down) on Chrome and Firefox.

Safari is fine.

(Using Beta build 3 BTW)