Can you style a TAG using theClass manager?

Can you style a TAG using the Class manager? for example styling the tag strong

strong {color: red}

Using the Class Manager if I add strong the Class Manager creates .strong

Any workarounds for this apart from adding my own CSS.

…Looks like I’d have to assign a class somewhere in the document first.

.myclass strong {color: red}

Please chip in of you have other workarounds.

Add .myclass strong {color: red} into the Code Editor - Additional CSS area, and then add myclass to the class of the paragraph yo want the red bold text.

.myclass strong can be added directly into Blocs Class Manager if you want to keep everything in one place there.

Some tags are supported in the class manager. So if you wanted to use strong in a paragraph you don’t need to use a custom class first as the p tag can be used.

p strong

Thanks I did not know that.