Can you use two H1 tags in the title?

The hero bloc allows for a title and a subtitle. In our case, the title is our company name “Talisman” and the subtitle (in a smaller font) is the service we offer “Oriental Rug Cleaning”. Oriental rug cleaning is actually what the site and the home page are about - and will be the subject of most searches. Is it OK to use the H1 tag for both lines in the hero bloc? Should one use it only for the subtitle, since that is the relevant text? Or should it be used just for the company name? Note: I didn’t want to use “Talisman Oriental Rug Cleaning” all in one large font, which is the result of typing all the text into one bric, but wanted to have a larger font for the company name.

That would generally be a bad idea. Use the H1 tag for your company name or main subject that you expect visitors to search for, then the H2 tag for some descriptive text.

Just worth adding that the hero blocs are highly configurable and really just starting points. You can add or remove all sorts of brics to make them do pretty much anything, so don’t feel tied down to that specific layout.

Thanks. My issue was that I wanted to give the entire title an H1 tag - but there are two lines with different font sizes. I couldn’t find a way to style separate words in the text differently when they were in the same bric. Now I see that if you wrap a word in span then give it a unique class, it can then be styled differently in size and font from the rest of the text in the same bric. So now I can call all the text in the title bric H1. Whew! It takes a little poking around but it’s exciting to find new capabilities.

You can easily override the font sizes for specific headers in the side panel using Blocs 3. I do this constantly. Just make sure you update it at each breakpoint to ensure it looks right.