Cannot Enter Captions on Carousel

I have created a carousel but it will not let me enter a Caption. How do you get the caption onto each photo? I click in the Caption box, but it does not let me type in words.



You need to add a text bric to the empty placeholder first, and then you can edit the text bric to put your caption.


Yeah baby! Thanks!

@Eldar advises adding a text bric in caption area in carousel, but how? I have clicked on the caption area, I have it selected in the layer tree, but still the ‘+’ does not appear to add the text bric as I would have expected.
Eventually worked out how to do it – by opening list of brics in right panel, clicking on text bric, and then clicking in the caption area in the carousel… and there’s your caption text bric.
@Norm, could this be made simpler by making the carousel caption area offer the ‘+’ as do other empty placeholders? Perhaps worth a tweak?

Check out @Whittfield brilliant work called Card Designer.

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