Cannot get specials block to add to design

I am new to building with Blocs and I am having problems getting the specific blocks to add to my design. The 2 that won’t add are “special brands” and “Special customer brands”. They highlight in blue, but won’t add to the layout. All the others work as intended, those 2 won’t I restarted the computer and it didn’t fix the issue.

Please let me know if I am missing a step.


I had the same problem with 2 different blocs. I t might have been with more blocs but i did not test it with others. You better open a ticket for a bug report.

I’ve just added both blocs with no problems at all. I chose specials from the toggled selector in the popup, then added each of the blocs. Are you using 3.4.4 or some other version? I am on Mojave.

I am using Mojave 10.14.6 and blocs 3.4.4 as well.
Thanks for checking. And here is the weird thing. I opened 2 new projects and it worked right away in one of them and not in the other. so 2 out of 3 didn’t work…