Canonical links with Blocs


Was just about to ask this!

Thank you @Flashman!

I was struggling with redirects last night, and was getting totally lost to be honest, until I found this beautiful Spanish lady who makes the whole .htaccess thing very very easy:

I have now fixed all my http / https, www and trailing / issues using her code (I think)


wow thats awesome do you use the no slash to slash option and does it work?



I use this code in the .htaccess file:

I can’t post it in text as it interacts with the forum. Of course the coding gurus may have a more elegant solution

EDIT: The other thing this code does is converts all my old *.html links to clean page URL’s automatically. Handy as I have already sent out a whole load of booking emails with the old style links embedded on them


I’ll take a look at this, but done properly inside Blocs none of this should be needed.


Could you message me the text?


PM’d you for your email address


That’s a nice site! I looked at your example and I do have a question. If you use more than one script that the site generates do you use both open and close tag in each or do you put several choices in one?


I chained them all together within the same tags


Not to be funny but I bought this up when Clean URL’s first launched and it was deemed ok…It’s not ideal so I’ve not done URL links instead of navigate to page. See here: - Use this for 301 errors.


Visually it all works correctly and you do arrive at the right place, but it was only when I compared it directly to my RW sites that I saw the 301 difference. In theory 301 redirects do not carry an SEO penalty, but we have unnecessary redirects on every single page and Google is still picking up two pages, hence the canonical issue.

It looks like this is a glitch that needs to be fixed and seems to be down to the way Blocs is linking to pages internally without that end slash. The way you did it no doubt gets around this, however it adds a lot of additional work.


It does, but unfortunately I managed to re-organise my project slightly so I only had 40 urls tops to do instead of 200+. Took 15 minutes tops. I knew it was an issue at the time. I can understand for Norm as it’s new to him, I imagine his expertise isn’t really SEO but hopefully he can pick up on this and find a way to implement the trailing slash at some point. It was an issue for me but I made a workaround for myself.


Thanks for this, I have been using sitechecker heavily to optimise my site. I am getting a persistent critical error that complains that “H1 and Title must match each other”. I have set H1 and SEO Title with the same text but it still persists.

I had assumed “Title” is controlled by “SEO Title” in Blocs, am I wrong about this? Any help appreciated


H1 and Title don’t have to match as far as I know, as long as your main keyword is in there and preferably at the start if possible. Also make sure your changing the SEO Title in Blocs and not the Page Name.


Well it’s flagged by sitechecker, but may be an error on their part, or as you say it might not really matter. Just wondered what outer people are getting back from on this?


Ha - nice one, why didn’t I think of that? :stuck_out_tongue:


Drawback is if any links change they don’t update, so be careful for broken links.

My results:

This is on a page with over 3,000 images, roughly 12,000 words and 43 pages.


I need another aspirin after reading that. That’s too much work.


The motivation is unreal! Hope Guru still going well for you mate :+1:


Yeah all fine there with Guru. I actually opened a reseller account yesterday and plan on bringing over the first client tomorrow. I have to sort out the packages in cPanel and wondering what allowances to offer, especially for email.

Rebuilding the web design site it turning into a massive challenge. It will be well over 100 pages in the end.


Glad to hear. Reseller package is good, I’m on it too. It’s hard to tie your own website in with clients, I’ve had many late nights and 12+ hour days in the office but you get through it!