Can't activate license


I can’t activate license in Blocs 3.5.1 on my new Macbook 13’ 2020.
I reset licenses in, it doesn’t help. Reinstalling of app doesn’t help too. I always get the same error.

Mac OS Catalina 10.15.5

Please help.Снимок экрана 2020-06-25 в 15.30.11

Uistore was for Blocs 2. Assuming you were using it on two computers previously try deactivating it first on one of the old ones from within the app.

I don’t have my old Macs which was activated, only current Macbook.
I bought Blocs 2 and upgrade it to Blocs 3, so link on the UI Store is all that I have.
Link that you give me is only helps deactivate current Mac.
Is there any way to deactivate licenses on Macs that I don’t have?

I am not sure. Try filling in a bug report. It’s not really a bug but they should be able to help if you explain the problem.

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