Can't add video asset [SOLVED]

So, I can’t add my video, a dialog about “background videos under 10mb” comes up and cancels my import. I’m not trying to use it as a background, it’s for a video object. It’s an mp4, and it’s already streaming optimized. I need to use it, why won’t Blocs let me?

It should let you add any size video, the video limit has been lifted in 2.3.1. How are you adding the video?

I inserted a video gallery. Then selected the first video. Then in the sidebar, i set for “local” then clicked on the video source. It brings up the asset manager, where i press the ‘+’ and navigate to the video i want to use. It brings up the dialog about background videos and dismissing it cancels the import. I’m running 2.3.1.

Seeing the same thing here with a standard video bric selected in 2.3.1.

BTW it also does the same thing trying by just trying to use the asset manager directly. My video is 47.8MB

Try dragging a video onto the asset manager. The add button may be acting up.

That worked. Same message about background video, but it’s in the assets after you press ok.

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I’ll fix that up in 2.3.2

I’m having the same problem and not solved by dragging it to the asset manager so far. It’s a 1080HD video that is 16MB. This is in Blocs 2.4.4 trying to add a single self hosted video using the video bric.

I eventually got it to work, but that pop up message looks like the bug is back.

I can’t seem to add .mov or .m4v video to the asset manager. When I click on the + of the project assets section the videos are grayed out so I cannot select them. When I try to drag to the project assets, the drag fails – nothing gets added. When I try to drag a video directly to the brick, nothing happens. However, when I drag a video to the little thumbnail in the rightside panel, the video does appear there – however, it won’t appear in the project when I try either to view it, or open in a browser.

I’m using 2.4.5, but I just downloaded beta 2.5.0 b4 and I get the same result.

The animated gif demonstrates many of the above problems mentioned above. It’s separated into 2 parts because of the 3MB size restriction.

The gif below picks up where the one above left off…


Blocs and the web only support video in mp4 format. I’ll put something in place to prevent the drag drop issue.

Much thanks for the quick help. Afterward I did a search for “video format” and sure enough, it does say mp4 is the required format.

I was having trouble converting to .mp4. I ended up using ffmpeg (explained here). I’ve had video/audio conversion issues for years and can’t believe this tool is free.