Can't apply background color to a specific bloc


I have applied a background color to the footer but when I preview or export the page the background is white. I also have tried to apply a CSS class to the bloc but without success. What am I doing wrong?
Btw, I have a sticky alert that I removed and together with it I also deleted the setacookie.php from the project but I don’t think it could be related to this.


Is anyone able to help me, please?

Thanks guys!

Hi @espositodnl86, happy to help but you’ll need to be a bit more generous with information. To me it looks you’ve 2 issues:

  1. Footer color and 2. a CSS class.

Your footer color you can easily set in the right column settings of the Bloc. If this is not working there might be a glitch somewhere. Removing the footer and re-adding should do the trick. Or, the CSS class you applied is causing the trouble.
In regards to the CSS class I will not be able to assist as information shared is too limited. Kindly provide video, link or screenshots to explain you’re trying to achieve.

Hey, thanks for helping!

I have created a new bloc for testing and selected a background color under Settings - Colour: in the edit window everything looks correct but when I preview (or export) the website the background of that area is white. There are no CSS rules applied to that specific bloc or to any element contained in it.

Could this be a bug?

Ok, I’m pretty sure it’s a bug.

If I create a new bloc above the footer (not in the bottom global area) and I select a background color, the bloc won’t have any background color once exported but in that case footer background color will be showed correctly.

How can I report this as a bug?

Is anyone else experiencing this? In the meantime I have opened a ticket.