Can't click on image / Asset Manager missing

hello, i’m new in Blocs 3, where am i supposed to choose/upload an image? Because i can’t click on image, is this a common bug?

When i click at Window tab and choose asset manager, nothing happen.

Please help thank you!

Refer image:

I am on Blocs 4 and suddenly the Asset manager has disappeared and does not come up.
Do danluqe ane I need to reinstall?

Are you running multiple screens?

It’s possible it’s gone walk about.


Not sure I understand…I have 2 monitors…it used to be I would click on the image in the side panel and the asset manager would show…or…I would go under the Window tab and select Asset Manager…now neither way brings up the asset manager for me to select the image I want to add to the page.


Check your other monitor for the panel, it maybe behind something.

Nothing else is open…there is NOwhere for it to hide!..I have even moved the entire app panel to see if it was hiding behind it. Nope.

Is there another way to bring it forward?

I’ve got to finish this site…and I’m dead in the water.

Suggestions? Do I have to reinstall?

Thank you

Have you tried

  1. The top menu bar -> Window -> Asset Manager
  2. The keyboard short cut - command + 7

The bottom of the drop down menu lists the windows that are open.