Can't duplicate a single "bloc" without ending up copying the whole page

I’m just about tearing out my hair out. I’m trying to duplicate a single bloc and it’s contents:

to another page:

and Blocs is duplicating the whole of the page instead of just the one selected bloc.

I have tried again and again but having no success. I have even rebooted my mac thinking that that might help but the problem still exists. Is anybody else having this problem or is it just me and something which I am overlooking?

Thanking you for your time and patience.

This has to be the most frustrating software I can recall using. I have tried everything from recovering no end of old versions of my project from “Time Machine” to deleting all pages: “about, services, portfolio, contact.” and recreating them. And, yet, for some un-Godly reason Blocs is duplicating my first page to all other pages without me doing anything at all. Even when re-creating the about pages, etc. there the little b… are on all pages. Completely frustrating morning to say the least.

Will go and cool off and maybe take a nap. Maybe, “Source” is a better solution than this.

Hey @Mitaka

Can you post a screen shot of the left sidebar in Layer Navigator mode. (there are 2 tabs at the top of the left sidebar).

certainly. Hopefully this is what you are after.

and this one

I’m at the end of my endurance and was thinking of uninstalling blocs and reinstalling it to see if that helps. Seems to have gotten itself into some kind of a loop.


Are You sure you are duplicating the bloc, and not the whole page? I’m asking, because in your original post you have selected the whole page.

Did you watch this video?

Thank you Eldar, I will watch the video and go and start my project from scratch. It’s now so messed up and the practice will do me good if nothing else. Just been a very, very frustrating day.
Thank you.

Every Bloc In the layer tree with a blue edge is in the global area which means it will show on every page. Pages have 3 sections, you will find blue lines separating them on the canvas.

Grey edge Blocs mean they are unique to the page.

So if all of the content is in the global footer area then that’s going to show on every page.

This feature catches new users out, I recommend reading this from the docs.

And thank you Norm for that advice too. Will print it out and read and re-read it and maybe have a little chuckle at my stupidness. lol

Thank you everybody

I understand you very well! We have all been there. Once you get over the frustration of using a new software, you will actually enjoy working with it! Follow my videos starting from the ‘Start’ or ‘Getting Started with Blocs’ course, and I am sure you will get over the problems very fast!

In case, it is not working for you even after that, get in touch with me, and I will be happy to personally show you how to work in Blocs via 1-on-1 screen sharing session.


Thank you. Yes I know it’s the teething problems. Annoying thing is that I had worked through those first 8 basic tutorials and was now on my 11th of the 16th and still fell in the gaping hole. Oh well, no use crying over spilled milk. I’ll get there in the end. Even if it adds a few more grey hairs or so. All in the learning process.


I think we need some means of more clearly defining the global areas on the editing canvass. Perhaps these areas could have a darker tone than the dynamic area that disappears when previewed.

agreed, or 3 primary colours for head, body and footer to avoid a ‘foot(er) in mouth’ situation.
We all have a chuckle at our own mistakes from time to time.