Can't Edit Third Page

Created a start page. So far so good.
Added a second page with a product. So far so good.
Added a third page: no good. Edits to the third page affect the second (replacing the product image and text.) How can I fix this?

The answer, supposedly, is because the variable content is not in the “dynamic” section of the page. Great. Where is the “dynamic” section of the page?

Clicking on the “Imgur” image will take you to a screenshot of the
left-side of the Blocs workspace. I would name this area but it doesn’t seem to have a name.
Still looking for a manual or a guide.

Looks at the editing canvass and you will see two blue lines with one near the top and another near the bottom. Everything between those lines is in the dynamic area, whereas the other areas are global. You typically reserve global areas for content like menus and footers that you want to appear on every page.

Screenshot 2020-03-29 at 14.59.36

Screenshot 2020-03-29 at 14.59.52

I think you would do well to check out the free video course from @Eldar as a starting point in learning Blocs.

Nope, there’s only one blue line:
If I knew I would have to purchase a $100 training course I would not have purchased the program. Back to Rapidweaver, which has its own issues.

Unless you have a totally unique version of Blocs not seen by anybody else, you do have two blue lines on each page that separate the dynamic area from the global ones. One near the top and one near the bottom. I pointed you to a free course that would have taught you the basics with 8 detailed tutorials.


Do you see a lower blue line? I do not.

Have you thought of looking at the whole page?

I can’t upload the entire page, it’s not allowed here. And I can’t get a screenshot of it. Ctrl+option + arrow down does nothing.

You have a screenshot app built into the OS if you look in your utilities folder. Just grab a screenshot and then drag it to the message window here, but that is almost incidental. The point is that every page in Blocs has a central dynamic area, along with global areas at top and bottom separated by those blue lines as you see in my screenshot.

If you want to send me the project by PM I can take a look for you. Again I would suggest you sign up for that free course to gain a base understanding of how this works. I worked with Rapidweaver for about three years before switching to Blocs and it’s just a different way of working.

As an alternative you can always file a bug report and send in your project file with as much information as possible.

The functionality to be able to drag and drop images is not in the forum’s edit box menu.
Sorry it didn’t occur to me to try that.

Your page must be bigger than that. What does the rest look like?


Did you disable one of the global areas in the Page Settings?

If you don’t understand what I am talking about, watch these free videos first.


Without actually seeing both the bottom and top of the working page it’s a bit difficult to diagnose. There’s an option not to have the top or bottom global areas showing on a certain page, and you may have inadvertently clicked that. That would be my first port of call, have a look in the page settings for the troublesome page.
Like you, I came from a different web programme, and found Blocs extremely frustrating for the first few attempts. Looking back, it’s really simple, but I just couldn’t get my head around adding stuff to global areas and dynamic areas (and placing things in the wrong one!), but once sorted, it’s fine.
Have a look at some of Eldar’s free YouTube videos as a starter then decide if you want to buy into the course.