Can't embed a Youtube video - it reverts to the default example given

Has anyone had any luck embedding a Youtube video?

I can’t get past the default data in the ‘Embed Code’ box, which the ‘video’ bloc reverts back to:

I have inserted the Youtube link to replace the URL within the code.

But no luck.

There is no tutorial I can find that might help me understand how this process/operation works.

Has anyone had any luck with the ‘video’ feature?

Thanks in advance,


@CharlieHayden take care to paste in the full youtube embed code snippet.

ah many thanks Norm!

my mistake for not having done my homework on the Youtube end of things - clicking on the ‘share’ option under a YT video, then clicking the ‘Embed’ option beside it, and copying and pasting the full code - will try it now.

Thanks again!


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Thanks for sharing the solution. I needed this today!