Can't install Blocs

Hi Norm/folks,

Bit of a problem after installing Blocs 2.5.0 on a different hard drive (see attached).

Mac OS 10.12.6, all updates applied.

Tried deleting and reinstalling - no joy, same result.

Anyone seen this problem before?




Sorry, thread title a bit misleading - it does install, but is unusable (can’t open projects, can’t create new project).

Use the in-app bug reporter (if you can).

Is your HD case sensitive?

Hey Norm,

Yes, Mac OS Extended, Case-sensitive, Journaled

Thinking about it, as there is nothing else on the drive, I might just re-install the OS and see if that fixes it.

Carry on with more important stuff please Norm :wink:



Yeah Blocs doesn’t support case sensitive drives.