Can't save project

For some reason Blocs won’t let me save a project. It comes up with the following msg:

and then it shows a blocs project under the name I tried to change it to to:

This isn’t happening always but just enough to be a real pain. Is anybody else having this problem and, if so, how did you work round it? I have tried changing the project to all different kinds of names but to no avail. But, as I said, this isn’t happening every time and I have rebooted the pc on several occasions to see whether that might help.
Thanking you

PS. I always use the “save as” command when keeping regular updates of a project

Hello @Mitaka, I had the same issue when either saving on local hard drive or iCloud. The issue has been resolved in the latest Beta version which can be downloaded here.


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Thank you for your reply. At least I know that I’m not an orphan lol

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