Cant' set Images caption in Lightbox

Maybe I’m dumb but I can’t find no way to change the image caption (description).
I’ve bought today Blocs 2.3 but I tested the trial.
Pleas help.
Thank you

I mean
In an image gallery, when one clicks on a picture to enlarge it, appears a caption (description) IMAGE DESCRIPTION.
I wonder how I can change that text or avoid to insert it on the images.

Found! but maybe someone like me doesn’t see the Interaction little arrow.
Just click on it and all will be clear.

So long and thank you for all the fish.

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Sorry for the late response, yes it’s under the interaction options. Fish?? Hehe :joy:

Hi Francesco, could you help an old and apparently blind man to find that.
I would love to edit the caption field but can’t see the editing option.

Thanks !

Thanks ! I was looking for the caption in a Carussel I realize and there it doesn’t seem to be available. No big deal for me.

I had the same problem and i found that carousel don’t use caption but have the empty field above the indicators (empty dots) where you can put a text.
You have to put the text ON EVERY SLIDE. The attributes of text will be equal for every slide so is sufficient to optimize the first one and the other will follow automatically.


Oh great thanks ! So simple but I did not try it…