Caps in page names, bug?

When I started doing my site I named all pages in caps, becase it looked best in the navbar. Everything worked fine in preview and preview in browser. Now when I finally exported the site for test online, some links (nav to URL links) did not work, (404 error, page not found) I noticed that the pagenames on the export were not caps, and my links were in caps. Now I changed the pagenames, then back in the menu manager to get the navbar in caps again. So now I gotta change about a 100 URL links…:frowning:

Yes, I noticed the same issue with 404 pages on some of my Blocs sites. These days I always keep pagenames without capital letters for this reason. Hopefully, it can be fixed, because it looks like it affects the SEO.

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You need capital letters in the page file name?

Hi Norm!

I don’t think it’s a question of need. I don’t need any capital letters, but when I create a page (even just an about page), I usually name it About. The file name for the HTML file is about.html. That’s all cool, but then for some reason in Google Search Console I see that there are a lot of Page Not Found 404 errors pointing to ‘About.html’ URL. When I try to type it into my browser, I get the same ‘Page Not Found’ error message.


No, don’t need it, the reason why I did it was because it looked better in the menu that was created for the pages. As the newbie that I am I did not know how to change that. Figured it out now though.