Car Repair Services

Hi, guys :wink: My project powered by Blocs:

Car Repair Services

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Your sites look great and I am impressed that these can be drone with Blocs. Until now I have been working with Foundation in Rapidweaver and only just starting with Blocs.

Rapidweaver is very flexible, once you have purchased lots of expensive extras $$$ and know what you are doing, but I find it really slow. I was just wondering how long it is taking you to produce a good looking site like these in Blocs?

I think everything depends on your Blocs expierence. It takes me a long time only because I still don’t know much about Blocs potential, interaction of Blocs bricks, objects with each other :wink: So I just take experiments again and again ))

The website looks great - The mashed RX8 is a bit sad though!

Is the fly-out menu on the right created from within Blocs or with extra code? It looks really slick and hides away the bigger list and keeps the uncluttered look.

In Blocs mostly. But with some improvements outside the Blocs. Just a little ))

So, is the sidebar a Blocs thing or a little extra? If in Blocs I can’t see how to do it.

Sidebar, you mean black menu at the right side? Yes, the latest beta of Blocs can do it ))

Yes, that’s the one - I hadn’t realised this sort of menu style was possible - I will look into this further.