Card and button

Lets say I have three cards … But with different text inside … is it possible to get the button always on the bottom of the card ? Without to use a card footer?
Something with class manager position ? But its not perfekt …


Use nested divs. See attached image. One for text and the other for the button. Expand the text field to take up the vertical space, this way the button will always be located at the bottom.

Nice reply, looks easy, but how do you make Nested Divs? Are they a Custom Class?

If the card is using flex, you can also just add a BS class .mt-auto to the button and it will always stay at the end.


If you look at the left panel, you can see the structure, which are standard brics. Then using custom classes you can style the cards. But @PeteSharp brought up another way to do this, which is probably an easier and better way to do it. There are multiple ways of achieving this, these are two.


Exactly, comes down to the design and what works best… or usually what we make unnecessary
complex :laughing: (such a trap)

Hi Tom2:

I was able to accomplish that here…

But I can’t recall exactly how I did that?
Perhaps looking at this page can help?

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Hey :slight_smile: Thank you all- Great solutions …