Card animation

Hi, it’s possible to create this card animation when mouse hover?
check here:
I want to shop price and title on front of the card and shop a paragraph when mouse hover

There are a range of mouse over animation options in Blocs and flip looks like the closest option to that, but not quite the same. You can do something similar with a paid bric called Image Overlay.

If you haven’t checked it out Card Designer is a very capable all rounder.

I can pay it, but can the dev tell me if I can create the same animation?

You could ask them directly.

If you’re feeling more adventurous you can use this is a guide to build your own.


I tried it, can you help me to create the same card of this website?

Hello @theenrico,

Without many styling there you have a card flipping…

I used the page that @Malachiman show you…
Now you just need to style it…

Hope it helps you

flip (25.7 KB)


Thanks! You’re awesome

please, can you check your DM?

Hello I think I come a little bit late, as I see your page and seems all be sorted right?

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Yes, sorry