Card Bric button to Modal

Is it possible to use the Card bric and so that the button will toggle to a Modal bric? Any ideas? Maybe @Lucas?

Yes. You can use anything to toggle a modal.

If you want the card itself to toggle the modal… select the card and in the sidebar add the following custom attributes


If you want the cursor to change when people hover over the card so they know it’s a trigger, you can do that with a little CSS

cursor: pointer;

Thanks a lot! Will try this.

Let us know if you have trouble and we can help out.

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I have the same problem. Want to open a modal with the card bric. The tipp by @Malachiman works great on a desktop computer. but don’t get it to work on a tablet ? @r_botman works for you ?

Hey @tom2,

Are you sure you have it setup correctly. I just tested this on an iPad and it worked fine. I can not replicate it not working?

iPad Video

Hi @Malachiman
yes, I set everything correct. Checked some things, put the modal in the same block …delete the class on the card …create a new card …change the name without a minus symbol ( modal-open set to modalopen ) …but I cant get it to work on my iPad … In my card I also hav a div with an icon. But I think this cannot be the problem ?

Can you PM me a project file that has it not working for you?

yes …I have send you a test file …

Working fine in iOS 13. Although Tom is using iOS12, if someone is using 12, are you free to make a test for Tom?