Card designer character limit

Hey @Whittfield

In the initial card designer docs the textarea for the Description is listet as limited by 130 characters.
The version I was using in January (I’m not sure which one, guess 1.4.7) seemed not to have this limitation. See the screenshot:

Now with 1.4.9 the limitation is back, and descriptions are getting croped:

could this be??
Is there a way to get back more characters? It seems it was possible, so I don’t really understand why the limitation is back on the newest update.

Thanks, Ben

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I do think he is doing a up to date version for BS5, which should update for BS4 users on the latest Blocs too.

Fingers crossed as I use Card Designer a LOT! stunning bric - hope we have more like this and new brics coming as it saves so much time.

Cool, Card Designer for me works the same in BS4 and BS5 (incl. the 130 character limitation), what I was very happy to see :slight_smile: (I’m currently just upgrading my project to BS5)

Interesting is also, there was no problem with the upgrade from blocs 3 to 4.

The first time I had to adjust my Cards was with the update of CD to 1.4.9 :see_no_evil: And with this character limitation back, I would love to go back to the pervious version. :upside_down_face:

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I’ll bump the limit some, but it comes with a caveat… you’ll have to accept that there is a limit based on space available depending on what you are trying to achieve. You the user will be the one to determine what that is.

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Hey @Whittfield
Thanks for the answer! It’s totally logical to me, that the visible space is setting the limit of characters :slight_smile: As you can see, for me this isn’t an issue, in the first screenshot this worked out perfectly with 5 instead of 4 lines.

Are you already working on an update? I know you don’t like it if we ask for a release date :see_no_evil: but can you give us a clue, if this can be expected wthin days, weeks or even months?

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