Card designer link to internal page / general settings

Hello, everyone,
i am new to blocs and have installed the card designer. But I’m missing some settings, which are probably there, but I can’t find them.
i want to link to a page in the project with the card, but i can only specify scroll to modal or url, does anyone know how i can link to an internal page?
i would like to show the title and text only on hover, but i can’t find the setting for that either and last but not least i would like to gray out the image on hover.
Does anyone have any ideas how I can adjust this?
Thanks for your support!

what I found, was “remove filters on hover” but what I’m looking for would be to show filters on hover…

Searching for an answer to the same question lead me to this thread. I doubt that is possible yet. Maybe @Whittfield can share his views on this and if it’s an option that can be added (to support the already deep integration with Blocs).

Use the URL for the page? This is what I do.
But a better integration to link pages easier would be good.

I’m hoping the fix happens soon for when closing a modal when the card is set to work on hover.

There’s a url field for links internal and external. Blocs did not have this feature When Card Designer was made. and it came along way after I had this tool on the market. Changing this is actually going to break some peoples Cards and It hasn’t been worth that trouble to be honest.

Now we have some additional api behaviors that make it more feasible to see a version like this some day. But that’s still in beta so we’re not talking around the corner here.