Card Designer not very responsive on iPhone 8 Plus or similar

Hello guys!

Does anyone have any idea why this happens in the iPhone 8 Plus version when using the Card Designer?

Stewie, are you using te responsive features?
You have to set a good size for that breakpoint in Card Designer.

Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 12.37.02 PM

Enable the responsive checkbox, and set a size for the med and small levels. Your font will scale to the size you select. (from Lrg to Sml)

I am releasing a version very soon that fixes some bugs so if this feature is affected by the bug please be patient, it will be fixed very soon.


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Yes, Im using the responsive feature :slight_smile:

I was able to achieve this without additional code. I usually try to find the largest font size that I can use comfortably at any given width and make minor adjustments from there.


Here are the settings I used.

Thanks a lot! Will try it out tomorrow :smiley:

hey Stewie, after thinking about it, I Added the full width features of Card Designer after a request for something like this, But the focus has always been on creating cards with mobile friendly features. I think in this case, the large format is what’s causing the problem. Your largest size really isn’t accommodated well and would probably require another breakpoint to allow us to go from your largest size to your smallest.

I hope that makes sense.

I don’t mind adding another breakpoint, but it’ll take some time, it wasn’t really something I was planning to do.

In the meantime, you can do one of the following.

  1. make the largest size text smaller.
  2. add custom breakpoints css which I can help with.
  3. make a card with jumbo text for large screens and one for smaller devices (a common Blocs trick). This is what some people did before I made the responsive title feature.

Thank you so much! The problem with adding two version of the same is that google will count it twice so of i will have a keyword placed on the text on the card designer it will feel over optimized. For this reason I had to remove all the various version from most of my pages and fix everything into one :confused: I added a breakpoint for the. cd-tittle on devises with max with of 575px I will only need to fix for the smaller devices.
Card designer is great maybe in the future you could think of something like this:

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Thanks for the link! If and when things do get back to normalish I’m going to really need a place like DR in my life :smile: I actually have alway wanted to go!

hi ya,

what software do you use to get the different screens to web designs? (iPad, iPad mini etc…) looks great.

Me too! My wife was pushing me to go there or Cuba but Europe its pretty much closed still.

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You can do it with safari on developer mode :slight_smile:


thanks - ill have a look!

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