Card scrolling with Fex Options

I´d love to to some card scrolling like it is done on Netflix.
Cards from left to right.

Seems there is an option to do so via Flex and I have managed to make it work via flex.

But - In order to fit this great option of Blocs into my design, there is this edge (on the very right) wich I can´t get rid of.
I don’t mind the scroll line below although I would appreciate to not have it appearing.

I guess @Malachiman - the flex loving Guru :wink:might be the one who can help.

I tried both, BS 4 and BS 5 (B5 is my preferred framework or this solution).


Any help is much appreciated :vulcan_salute:

Use the browser inspector tools to find out what padding is causing the edge. We don’t know what structure you have used.

You could also use display Grid. It’s not in the class Editor yet. But it’s very handy.

Bootstrap docs for Grid

Thanks Pete,
I will try to learn.

Funny is, on iPad all looks fine - portrait an landscape, only desktop and mobile are wired.
Did a clean project following your stunning video about using flex.

Best wishes to NZ - stay safe