Carousel - 3.0.7 Still not really happening!

Well Blocs 3.0.7 is here and it appears that nothing has been done to the “carousel” Bric (sad). As posted earlier (Aug 16) I would still like to have the ability to move the “description text” and [slide count] below the image. I don’t believe there is any way this can be done? Also it would be great if when you select a “carousel” bric, that the [empty container] already has a ‘text box’ in it. What else would you want? Right now you have to add a [text bric] plus font formatting for every slide! VERY FRUSTRATING.

There are many website people that use a carousel to show a number of images: eg: photos, artwork, portfolios, etc. You don’t want part of the image obscured by ‘text’ or the < and > arrows. These should also be available to be placed “outside” of the slide.

Example of one of my clients website

Any help would be most appreciated.

Your example must not be as easy as you think. The forum has a lot of great members that contribute and no one has come up with this type of carousel.

As far as the empty container, it gives you three different alignments and I would not want any placeholder text. It gives me control over what type of text I want (H1, H2, P). Once I get the first slide configured the way I want using a custom class I can copy and paste the class in any slide. Very easy and fast.


Moving the arrows and the description outside the carousel is not a feature of the Bootstrap 4 carousel.



Are you planning to use the Blocs Developer API to create custom brics inside of the app? Or does your Widgetic SDK only allow linking to the external resources from your own servers as seen in the JS Bin example?

Thanks for the response.

This was the aspect I was inquiring about, so thanks for clarifying that.