Carousel fitting in mobile version

I guys, as you can see in the link of the website I’m developing, I have a problem. I have a carousel with some images, and in the desktop version everything works fine, but turning in mobile version, carousel becomes small, too small. how can I do? is there a way to hide it mobile breakpoint and doing another one fitting for mobile hiding that in desktop version?
I hope you can help me

Hi @davideakadudu. I strongly suggest you read the Blocs knowledge base to understand the basics of how Blocs works.

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I already read it Jerry, but where can I find instruction about using carousel in different breakpoint?

A long narrow rectangle is never going to scale down to small displays well. You need to transition the dimensions (change the shape). You can do this with the same carousel.

A good thing to consider when building a site is how is your design going to respond to different breakpoints. It can save you a lot of time in the long run. Lots of duplicate content hidden for breakpoints is not ideal. Preparing the right structure from the beginning is best. But you learn a lot of that by trial and error.

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Hi David:

I also had this issue with my website.
I had a carousel but you really could not see it on smaller devices.
So I started researching other Brics I might be able to use.
Finally, for version 2 of my site (still in work) I decided to use Tab Anything.
Using tab anything, which has a kind of carousel option, I am able to make the images lightbox capable so other breakpoints all work better and I still have the carousel effect.

Take a look at that Bric in the store…

Rich the Weather Guy