Carousel indicator

I am using a carousel. And the indicators don’t match to the count of slides. Everytime I add a new slide, the indicator increases too. But when I am deleting a slide, the indicator does not reduce the dots. So the dots are growing up and up. Can anybody tell me, how to reset the indicator?

I’ve just tried it here and it’s working fine. Have you tried restarting Blocs or perhaps trying with a new carousel? There is no obvious way to reset the indicators so it sounds like you have a glitch that needs to be cleared.

You are right. I have tried it with a new carousel and it worked. Don’t know whats wrong with my existing carousels. I have seen now one on my page, with only three dots an four slides. Total crazy. I think, I will replace all of them. Thanks for your response.

I have had similar experiences in Blocs a bit too often and hope these sort of glitches become less common with further development. For example, yesterday I had a bloc where I created 100points of padding underneath as a custom class, but for some weird reason it always applied padding to bloc above. After quitting and restarting the app it worked as it should.

Just wanted to confirm that I too have experienced this; that is, getting into a situation where there are more indicators than the number of slides. When it happens, the extra indicators at the end don’t work.

I believe it happened when I deleted some of my slides and then tried to add more slides after that. But rather than troubleshoot it, I just made another carousel. Still, hope my confirmation helps. I’m using beta 2.5.0 b5