Carousel pausing issues

A lot of carousels are set to not pause with mouse over. When a large image gallery is up the mouse is typically there by default and it is paused and upsets the person when I tell them I can’t change that for now. I see a lot of carousels that don’t pause. Can you please make an option so it won’t pause, that will be very helpful.

Here is a link to some info in code on how it can maybe be turned off.

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@danielk, I’m having that same issue. I have 3 photo slides. Each one has a part of a complete message that must be viewed at a timed interval to understand. The text accompanying each slide is:

We’re Local.
We’re Personal.
We’re Free.

But when the carousel automatically pauses, it interrupts the flow of that message and it looks very odd. I have researched it and see how to change an inline setting to the html, but when I try to change either the class or the id of the carousel, it fails to have any effect.

@Norm, is it an easy thing to add a setting to the carousel so that it over-rides the pause on hover?

I’m sure you’re a busy guy so don’t expect anything immediate, but if you could reply and let me know how easy/possible this would be to add to the carousel menu, OR - how to over-ride if for now using a custom class - I’d very much appreciate it.

Warm Regards - Randy

Here’s a screenshot showing the code I’ve added to the header:

For what I see in your code, you could use the custome attributes to add that. Click on the carrousel and on the right down side, you will see “custome attributes” then you could add “data-pause” with the value “pause”, try it please and let us know if it works.

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Coincidentally, I’m having exactly the same issue. I thought I’d check on the forum and it’s top of the list!

I’m using Blocs 2 and have no coding knowledge. If there’s no easy setting in Blocs to stop “mouseover” pausing a carousel, I’ll attempt to add the code on the link above, but not sure where to add the code. The carousel is at the top of the “dynamic” area.

As it’s Blocs 2, I’ll need to use the code for Bootstrap v3 won’t I?

@sjp, yes, I believe that’s right but you’d want to ask @Norm the developer of Blocs to know for certain. @Norm, will you have an opportunity soon to respond to my above post? Warm Regards, - Randy

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I think the value would be “false”… I will try it and let you know! Thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile:

It worked! Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Lol you’r right… false…


Custom data attributes is such as excellent feature of Blocs. Just saying that’s all.

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can you explain exactly what’s happening with the Custom Data Attributes? I had never used it until @Pealco suggested it for this issue.

@Creative they aren’t an exclusive feature of Blocs, but are part of HTML5. I do like the way Blocs makes it very easy to work with them.

Here is an explanation of what they are.

They are really useful, for example this scenario another Blocs user had…