Carousel - re-sizing

I’m having a number of issues with Carousel slide shows. In an earlier post I had someone sort out the bouncing images and also wanting to put the arrows outside of the image. (this should be the default!) Anyway the solution was to make all images the same size. I’ve now done this 700px x 700px.

However now I’m still having the issue where on a big screen the carousel image “view” is much larger than 700px, causing it to become very blurry. It seems to top out at near 1170px wide! I did look at an early suggested solution in [jun 17]. Told to make max dimensions 700px in the class manager. See screen shot of what I’ve done. Uploaded pages still has sizing issue.

Thanks in advance
Ron O.

This is something I did in Blocs 2 that worked. Try setting your size as you have done, but then set the margin to auto. When you type in A it should auto complete.

I tried a lot of solutions, but this was the only one that worked across various scenarios. The site was later redone in Blocs 3 without the carousel, but I kept the screenshot asa reminder.

Since the bootstrap carousel is responsive you could just place it inside a column as an easy way to control its size across breakpoints.

That’s a good thought and the obvious solution. It actually reminds me how far Blocs has come since version 2.

I do that on every carousel, although I just dump a code bric into a column and use Owl2 lol (its sad it’s abandoned, it takes me so little time to setup, I have to learn something new lol).

Come to think of it, I did this on some carousels a few months ago for a website and did it automatically without even thinking. This head cold is not helping my generally limited brain power.

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