Carrousel transition choppy or too fast

Hi suddenly all of our published websites that have carrousel the transition of it stopped working or is too fast.

an example:

We use chrome and Safari,

What could be causing this?


have you played with the ‘Apperance’ duration & transition setting in the right side inspector?


Changing from slide to fade or changing the duration does no make a difference in Chrome or Safari after deleting cache.

Its the same for all the blocsapp sites we made before that were working fine.

what could be the problem please?

I’m not sure I can say…what version of Blocs are you using? And what OS are you using?? There is a current release, Blocs 3.3, that may address the issue you are experiencing. Have you searched within the forum to see if other’s have posted a similar issue, and if they have resolved it??

Hi we checked and the problem is on MacOs all browsers, on windows its working normally.

What should we do?

consider creating a trouble ticket to have it addressed…this forum is a great starting point, but not the best way to report a suspected bug. Bugs are reported here:

Also, if other’s aren’t experiencing this, then it points to something on your configuration.

Good luck.

It’s working fine for me here in Columbus, Ohio USA. I checked using latest Safari, Firefox, and Chrome on my Mac Pro (late 2013, 10.14.5). Also checked on my MacBook Pro using same OS. Looks like you have slide duration of 2.5 seconds, which might be a bit fast. See below.

What version MacOS and Blocs are you using. Does the problem occur after a while, or right away. More detailed info might help Norm to identify and isolate problem, which you could include in a trouble report. Also, you might want to check your site again using other Mac computers to reverify problem exists.

Hope this helps.

p.s. Nice looking site. :slight_smile:

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Hi we use the latest Blocs and latest Mac and Chrome versions, we have imacs and Macbooks Pro (2017) All run Latest Mojave.