Hello to you all.

I am struggling with text ‘above’ the carrousel. What I want to create is a carrousel with 3 or 4 slices. So far so good.

But how can I put text above those images? While the text is fixed and the images slides underneath…


I assume the text you wish to display will be the same for all images in the carousel. If that is correct, simply add a text bric above the carousel and add whatever text you want displayed.

@hendon52, have you read my remark abt the carousel not working in my site? It’s causing a crash, and it’s either the carousel or the asset manager… for the images are replaced with code.
can I send you a screenshot?

I noticed that has become a public view… so i’ve delete my assets-printscreens

Hello Hendon52,

I mean in layers. On the bottom the sliding images and the next layer ‘above’ text or heading.
The images in the carrousel wil move and the text stands still over the images.

I hope my explanation is a little better :slight_smile:

Ow, I did not read It jet…

@Anita. Is it possible for you to attach the blocs project file (all assets embedded), or post the file to something like dropbox. It would be easier to diagnose the issue if we could see the project.

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via we transfer?

at what email adress? @hendon52

@Anita I sent you a private message

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@ArjanSchrieks I don’t think it’s possible to do that - not cleanly anyway. An alternative would be to use the caption area of the carousel and set up your text there. You would use the same text on every slide. The ideal situation would then be to set the slide transition to cross-fade. This will keep the text visible and give the illusion that it’s static over the carousel. If you use the slide transition, the text will not appear static.

You can set up an overlay div with the carousel wrapper And some CSS to achieve it. (Well one way I can think of)

If I’ve understood the question correctly I would suggest:

  1. Create a carousel
  2. Add a header bric under the carousel
  3. create a class for the header bric and give it a negative margin.

@Jerry The problem with that solution is that upon preview, the text sits behind the carousel but, I guess it could be tweaked to bring the text forward.

It’s easier with a code bric, but yeah you need some z-index on that.

Hi @hendon52, I’ve never experienced that the text sits behind the carousel. I might have been lucky :four_leaf_clover:

@Jerry I’ll give it another try - I usually place the text or heading bric into a Div first - maybe this is why it disappears behind the carousel. Maybe the heading bric alone will keep it on top. It certainly works when you need to place text on top of an image, so there is no reason why it should’t work with the carousel.