Has anyone had trouble getting into Blocs after upgrading to Catalina and Blocs 3.4? Mine isn’t recognising my name/serial number, so I can only use a trial. @Norm


Are you sure you have the right email and serial?

Sure as can be. Will try again tonight. Rushing for a train now!

Solved! I’d been using the Blocs 2 code. Thanks Malachiman for making me go back and check.

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I saw the Catalina 10.15 update, should I update the OS? I am always very afraid to update because some old apps may not work or makes the computer slow or something. I have a macbook pro 16gb i5 from 2017. What about Blocs? will it be fine? got 3.4 I think @Norm said should be, right? anyone has experienced any errors with this catalina new version? not just Blocs but any other essential apps?

@newblocs, as always, take a Time Machine backup, make sure all your apps are updated before you upgrade. And any critical apps are all 64bit.

I updated my 2013 MacBook Pro and its running without any problems.

There are some reports of the installer hanging after reboot during installation, but a forced power cycle seems to fix it. (well it did for me lol)