Catalog publisher (print & web)


I want to help a friend who’s willing to publish a catalog, then to show it online.
I’m ready to learn to use a software to create his catalog, but naturally, I’d love to get advice about which is the best option that would be at the same time not to tough to use and would look pro.
All the suggestions are more than welcome.

PS: I’d love to avoid online solutions.

I use a product called FlipPDF. You basically add a pdf file that can be created with any publishing app (even Apple Pages) and it gets converted to a page-flip publication for the web. You then upload the output publication to your web server as a subfolder and then insert a small piece of code into your webpage where you want it to appear. You can see an example HERE - just scroll the page to the digital publications section and take a look. If this is a one-off, just send me a link to the PDF file via a private message and I will create it for you.

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It seems to be a nice solution.


Just a small tip: If you use this solution, you may have an issue embedding the publication in your Blocs page through an iFrame - I think there is some conflict with the code in Blocs. The easiest way to solve the problem is to embed using the video bric. Just add the URL of your publication as the src of the bric instead of the video url. This ensures that everything displays properly and makes the whole thing responsive. An alternative solution is create a link on your page (maybe using an image of the publication front page), or using a menu/text link. This should be set to open in a new window. When using this option, your publication will open full size in a new tab. When the tab is closed, the web page will still be visible.

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