Categories in pictures

I would love to have the option to create multiple folders in the “Asset” subcategory when I choose pictures. Now all picture despite which topic are categorised by name, which is kinda confusing arrangement if you use more then 40 pictures with different topics.

Something like this would make the thing:
+Christmas: picture_01, picture_02
+Eastern: …
+Background: …

Agreed the Asset Manager could use some logical improvements.

A good example of what you are explaining is demonstrated in Bootstrap Studio to a certain degree. Where you can organize images and assets in folders, etc., as well as drag CSS and JS files and those too are automatically imported properly into the page for users. Larger or full size previews when you rollover a corner or asset name, etc., Search ability would also be nice if you are looking for something that contains a word, etc.,

Hopefully in an upcoming version of Blocs ( 2.4 to 2.6 ) it will be improved upon overall. @norm recently stated the following, so he is aware of it already.

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