"Center" on Float Position

Could it be possible to put the choice “Center” on the Float Position options?
I have a Google maps I would like to see in the middle of the screen on each devise and I struggle with the tablet.


Try setting the left and right margin to auto - i.e. literally type auto for those two inputs. Not sure if you’ll need a text-align: center css or not. But that usually works.


I tried this, but it doesn’t work.
If I exchange this widget with an image it does work, but not with this embed map.

Try selecting the left & right margins separately & typing an ‘a’ to get auto for the margin of each one.


I tried it, but it doesn’t work.
I mean it centers the row, but the map remains on the left of it (I can play with the class of the widget and the row it doesn’t change a thing) and I don’t know how to make this map remaining at the center of the row (playing with the class seems to have no effect on it).
So, I guess it’s linked to the code I put into the widget, but I don’t know how to solve it.


please send a screenshot from the code you placed in the html widget

Here is the code I put into the widget:


ok, now instead of width 600 change it to 100% and remove any previous custo classes you’ve made to the widget

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It’s working perfectly now.
Thanks a lot.
I’ll keep that solution in mind for sure.

no worries, glad it worked out