Centre alignment on html widget


I’m trying to add several shopping carts to a web page. There is page header code script type=“text/javascript” src=“https://gumroad.com/js/gumroad.js”></script

Then each product button has code like this a class=“gumroad-button” href=“https://gum.co/demo”>Add To Cart</a, which I’ve placed inside an html widget. The problem is that the cart button is then aligned to the left by default. Is there a way to centre that?


Hi @Flashman

You could try adding your code inside a div like this in the html widget:

<div align="center">your button code</div>


Thank you, I shall take note for future reference. After hearing back from Gumroad, it seems you can simply add the product link to any text or a button, once the page header code is inserted, so I simply put a Blocs button there instead, which was easy to centre and looked better anyway.


When am working with html widget. Am always wrap them in a row. And just give the row a class for center. Am doing this only for mobile version.

Inspect the btn on https://digi.me/partners


Thanks @rusmir that’s a nice way of handling this. A good looking website as well.