Chance Color and Style Accordion

Hi all,
is it possible to chance color and style of the accordion?

Yes, the are several classes to change the look of an accordion. Try card-body first to see if that will give you what you want.

Also, see this thread for more detail.

One other thing I do a lot is to right click on an element in safari an choose “inspect element” to see the specific class to modify.

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Thank you for this hint, I am sure that will be very helpful in the future!

…actually you can inspect directly within Blocs, using the ‘Inspector’ feature under ‘Developer Tools’:

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Did @Eldar have a video showing how the Developer Tools works?

Hi @KBConcepts,

Yes, you can watch them in Classes section of Mastering Blocs course.


yep…see Eldar’s reply!

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Thanks Eldar I was able to locate it. :slight_smile:

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