Change columns position

Under Blocs 2, I could order the columns with each other. Blocs 3 I do not find this option right now.

061340944c32beac7c7b3b2d225757babd38b7c9_1_494x500 Here from Blocs 2

It’s a bit confusing at first, but it’s actually a whole lot better now. Click on a column and then look to the appearance section in the side panel. From there you can decide the width, position and order of elements at different breakpoints.


You can also drag items by grabbing the left or right margin with the sift key pressed down for a more direct and visual way of achieving the same result.

If I use it that way, it will change for all viewports. I just want to do that in this viewport and the others should stay the same. Or am I doing something wrong?

Set it at one breakpoint, then move to another and change it again if required. It should be possible to arrange each one separately. I would start by just playing around and experimenting.

Used in conjunction with the layers sidebar gives you much more control flexibility that v2.

You can reorder columns, delete columns and duplicate columns (right click)

With the Appearance widget you can change the columns appearance. they work well together and definitely speed up the workflow.

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Something like this works :slight_smile:

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Yes it does! It’s one of those things like Flashman said it takes a little time to get use to. You are going to find the new left column is going to be your best friend in Blocs. This is one feature that a lot of designers wanted. It really allows you to layout a page/bloc at all four breakpoint just about any way you want.